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Precision Casting


Precision casting is the general term for the process of obtaining precisely sized castings. Compared with traditional sand mold casting, precision casting results in more accurate casting size and better surface finish.

Precision casting is also called lost wax casting, its products are precise, complex, close to the shape of parts, no processing or very little processing is used directly, is a kind of near net form of advanced technology.

The process flow:

The process of casting can be divided into wax pressing, shell making, pouring, post-processing and inspection


Advantages1: High precision casting size, good surface finish, can avoid or reduce machining, save material and processing costs

Advantages2: Can produce complex shape parts or parts cast into one, eliminating the need to combine and welding work

Advantages3: Can be cast on the product text and patterns

Advantages4: Material is not limited, can do stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, heat - resistant steel and so on

Advantages5: Can be multi-category small batch production