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The history of Investment precision casting in China


Investment precision casting was developed on the basis of ancient wax casting. As an ancient civilization, China is one of the earliest countries to use this technology. As far as hundreds of BC, the working people in ancient China created this lost wax casting technology, which is used to cast various fine patterns and characters like tripod and utensils.

Modern investment casting methods were put into practical use in industrial production in the 1940s. At the time, the development of aviation jet engines required the manufacture of heat-resistant alloy parts with complex shapes, precise dimensions, and smooth surfaces, such as blades, impellers, and nozzles. Because heat-resistant alloy materials are difficult to machine and the shape of the parts is complex or difficult to manufacture by other methods, it is necessary to find a new precise molding process. Therefore, based on the lost wax casting passed down in ancient times, The improvement of modern investment casting methods has achieved important development on the basis of ancient craftsmanship. Therefore, the development of the aviation industry has promoted the application of investment casting, and the continuous improvement and improvement of investment casting has also created favorable conditions for the aviation industry to further improve its performance.


China began to apply investment casting to industrial production in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, this advanced casting process has been greatly developed, and has been widely used in the manufacturing industries of aviation, automobiles, machine tools, ships, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, telecommunications equipment, weapons, medical equipment, and knives even artwork.