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Pipe fitting


The pipe joint is a connection tool between the pipeline and the pipeline, and is a connection point that can be disassembled and assembled between the component and the pipeline. It plays an indispensable and important role in pipe fittings. It is one of the two main components of hydraulic pipes.

There are many types of pipe joints. Commonly used pipe joints can generally be divided into two types: hard pipe joints and hose joints. If it is divided according to the connection method of the pipe joint and the pipe, the hard pipe joints are three types of flared, ferrule and welded, and the hose joints are mainly withholding hose joints.

In the hydraulic system, the connection method of the pipe and the pipe joint is also different, and the connection thread is used at the screw-in end of the pipe. Tapered threads are mainly used in medium and low pressure hydraulic systems. The sealing effect of the fine thread is very good, and it is often used in high-pressure systems.

Since the pipe joint is a detachable connection element, it must meet the requirements of convenient disassembly and assembly in addition to the requirements of normal connection stability, strong sealing, reasonable size, small pressure loss, good process performance, etc. . Therefore, do not underestimate the small pipe joints, because only its existence can support the existence of the entire hydraulic system.

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