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Lightweight automobile castings


With the development of automotive technology, while the automotive industry is going digital and energy-saving, the lightweighting of automobiles has also become the trend of the world's automotive development. The lightweighting of automobiles has made automobiles more dynamic, consume less fuel, and more environmentally friendly. Therefore, the weight reduction of automobile castings has become one of the important development directions of automobile castings.

At the same time , as the development of lightweight and energy-saving cars, automobile safety is the most important guarantee. Factories often use designs of equal thickness to meet the overall safety factor of castings. General castings made of equal thickness designs are difficult to exert structural performance and weigh heavily. Therefore, we can optimize the design of the casting by using CAE analysis and topology optimization to make the stress values of various parts of the casting are similar, according to the distribution of the force, determine the shape and thickness of each part. Castings always be reduced weight by reinforcement, digging, thickening.

For now, the main weight-reducing measures of automakers in various countries by using of light alloy materials such as aluminum and magnesium. Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and ductility, and magnesium has excellent fluidity. Both are less dense than steel but have higher specific strengths. But note that the price of raw materials for light alloys such as aluminum and magnesium is much higher than that of steel materials. The use of aluminum and magnesium castings on bicycles is increasing year by year, many advanced automobile manufacturers use commercial technologies to fill the cost of casting materials. Thereby, more light alloys can be adopted so the company will not be eliminated by market competition.

At present, as the market changes, our company also continuously introduces new technologies. The precision casting and processing of light alloys have reached proficiency levels. Welcome your company to plan cooperation and exchange.